The Aggressive trait is one of the positive traits of the leaders.

Effects Edit

  • +10% military unit production
  • Free combat I for Melee, Gunpowders, Hi-tech, Assault Mechs
  • Free aggressive for Melee
  • -1 diplomacy penalty (inverts to a bonus with leaders with same trait)
  • Double production speed of Barracks, Garrison, Siege Weapons, Workshop, Cannon Forge, Aerospace Complex, Bio-enhancement Center, Fletcher's Hut
  • 25% faster production of Warrior's Hut
  • Double production speed of Gladiatorial School
  • 10% faster production of Crucifixion Crosses, Stocks, Gallows, Guillotine, Electric Chair, Lethal Injection, Public Stoning, Mercenary Camp, Mercenary Stables, Saloon, Pirate's Cove, Mob Storefront, Rebel Camp, Terrorist's Compound
  • Double production speed of Traction Engine Workshop