The Agricultural trait is one of the positive traits of the leaders.

Effects Edit

+5% food in all cities

+1 food on plots with 5 food

+5% food in Capital

-15% city defense in all cities

+10% civic upkeep

+25% maintenance costs from number of cities

Workers building improvements +20% faster

+50% modifier to work speed when building Farm, Mushroom Gatherer, Olive Camp, Plant Gathering Camp, Plantation, Orchard, Fruit Gathering Camp, Grape Camp, Winery

Double production speed of Granary, Modern Granary, Bakery, Food Processing Plant, Artesian Well, Irrigation Canals

50% faster production of Terrace, Chinampa, Great Chinampa, Rice Terrace

Double production speed of Town Well, Oxen Farm, Windmill, Watermill, Donkey Mill, Oxen Mill, Quern