The Anti-clerical trait is one of the negative traits of the leaders.


  • +500% increase in Anarchy time from State Religion changes
  • -1 hammer from Priest in all cities
  • +1 espionage from Priest in all cities
  • Free Units equal to 5% of total population
  • +8 free Military Units
  • +25% to Espionage Defense in all cities
  • State Religion without Holy City increases rebelliousness
  • -10% Maintenance Costs from Corporations
  • Cities with State Religion construct buildings slower by -5%
  • +1 unhappiness from Jewish Monastery, Christian Monastery, Islamic Monastery, Hindu Monastery, Buddhist Monastery, Confucian Monastery, Taoist Monastery, Hellenic Gymnasia, Zoroastrian Shrine, Temple of Chons, Calmacec, Andean Monastery, Asatru Monastery, Baha'i Monastery, Nature Circle of Power, Jain Monastery, Temple of An, LDS Missionary Training Centre, Scientology Monastery, Invocation Hut, Shinto Monastery


Cochise (Apache Empire)