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C2C main screen

The main screen of Caveman2Cosmos

Caveman2Cosmos is a community mod that add new features, gameplay, and content to the Civilization 4 experience.

It is the most expansive Civilization 4: Beyond The Sword mod to date with almost daily updates since November 2010. It is the spiritual successor of the Civilization 4 mod Rise of Mankind and its addon A New Dawn, and combines the work of over 100+ past and present modders to create a mod to "rule them all". It is currently being developed by StrategyOnly Productions, with a modding team made up of prominent members of

Caveman2Cosmos introduces a massive amount of new content, with massive customization to Civilization 4: Beyond The Sword. From the the discovery of controlled fire in the Prehistoric Era to the spaceships of the Galactic Era, this community mod is perfect for the player who craves very deep strategy, but is still enjoyable to the more casual player.

Be warned, with this much content this mod may take almost 100 hours or more to win a single game. This mod is evolving on a weekly basis and new features are added periodically!

The current version (as of Dec 23, 2016) of the game is v37.

Game concepts
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