The Creative trait is one of the positive traits of the leaders.

Effects Edit

  • +2 happiness in 5 largest cities
  • +25% War unhappiness
  • +3 culture per city
  • +2 culture from Artist in all cities
  • +1 culture from Noble in all cities
  • +20% culture in Capital
  • Reduces total amount of units that can be drafted by -5 per turn
  • Double production speed of Library, Museum, Theatre, Artist Colony, Arena, Colosseum, Opera House, Broadcast Tower, Communication Tower, Move Theatre, Virtual Reality Theatre, Mind Control Center, Cave Painting, Madrassa, Odeon, Pavilion, Hippodrome, Ball Court, Carnival, School of Rhetoric
  • 50% faster production Dance Hall
  • 30% faster production of Art Patronage
  • Double production speed of Drama School, Music School, Seal Maker, Orchestrion, Theatre, Radioplex
  • +1 happiness from Library Museum, Sculptor's Workshop, Madrassa, Sculpture Factory

Leaders Edit

Harun Al-Rashid