Devil's Table
Natural wonder
Basic data
Movement 2 Move
  • +25% Strength to defending units.
  • Cannot build city or improvements on that tile.
  • Increase happiness when seen by a civilization.
  • Grants Gold to the first civilization that discovers it.
  • Nearby cities get a free specialist.

The Devil's Table is a natural wonder.

Description Edit

The southern portion of the state of Rheinland Pfalz, in south-western Germany, has lots of rocky mountainous areas having rock towers/spires akin to rocky areas of Arizona. However, unlike the dry desert landscapes in Arizona, this area in Germany is lush green with vegetation.

Most of the sandstones towers/spires in this area are connected to some hill or mountain in their back by a long ridge, however a few pillars in Kaltenbach-Hinterweidenthal region are topped by flat balanced stones which seem to defy gravity. Local people call these "Teufelstisch" ("Devil's Table").

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