Natural wonder
Basic data
Movement 2 Move
  • Act a source of fresh water.
  • Cannot build city or improvements on that tile.
  • Increase happiness when seen by a civilization.
  • Grants Gold to the first civilization that discovers it.
  • Nearby cities get a free specialist.

Pamukkale is a natural wonder.

Description Edit

Literally meaning "cotton castle", this springs are the result of earthquakes. The waters are rich in minerals (particularly chalk), which has been deposited on the cliff over centuries, and now it looks like a white, frozen, 2,700 metres long and 160 metres high waterfall.

The hot springs are believed to have curative powers, healing arthritis and asthma. These properties were first noted by the Greeks and Romans who built the city of Hierapolis ("Holy City") around the warm water springs below Pamukkale. The water is captured in a pool known since the days of the Romans as the "Sacred Pool."

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