A wonder is a special building or terrain feature that provides certain bonuses to the civilization that builds (or discover) it.

In Caveman to Cosmos, wonders are divided into World wonders, National wonders, Natural wonders, Projects and Cultures.

World wonders Edit

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A world wonder is a unique bulding that can be constructed only once and by only one civilization at a time. If destroyed, the wonder is forever lost.

There are currently 317 world wonders.

National wonders Edit

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A national wonder is a unique bulding that can be constructed only once by every civilization. The effects of national wonder are usually more limited, and mostly affect only the city that builds it.

There are currently 132 national wonders.

Natural wonders Edit

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A natural wonder is a terrain feature that can be discovered only once by any civilization.

They permanently increase happiness when seen by a civilization and grants Gold to the first civilization that discovers them. Cities get also a free specialist for each natural wonder nearby.

On the other hand, no cities or improvements can be built on top of these wonders.

There are currently 19 natural wonders.

Projects Edit

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A project is a special wonder that can be built by any civilization.

They are divided into World projects (similar to World wonders) and Team projects (similar to National wonders).

There are currently 25 projects.

Cultures Edit

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A culture is a special wonder that can be built only once by any civilization.

They allow a civilization to build certain units and/or buildings, while boosting their culture.

There are currently 175 cultures.

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